Eliminate Excessive Sweating with miraDry

Eliminate Excessive Sweating with miraDry

Excessive sweat can negatively impact your life in a number of ways. Luckily, there is a non-surgical option that is both FDA-approved and immediately effective. Rather than constantly trying to cover up sweat, miraDry® actually works to eliminate sweat and odor glands. The miraDry® Treatment Process This simple procedure can be done right in the […]

Eliminate Unwanted Lines and Wrinkles with BOTOX®

The eyes, cheeks, lips, and forehead are the facial areas that will form wrinkles at the first signs of aging. To combat this problem, many individuals choose BOTOX® injections. BOTOX® was approved by the FDA in 2002 for treating fine lines and wrinkles. It was the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment for wrinkles in the […]

Jaw Surgery vs. Non-Surgical Jaw Reduction

Jaw surgery and non-surgical jaw reduction are not just about making your face more attractive. Sure, you can correct a protruding or irregular jawline with these procedures. However, there are actually a number of medical reasons you should consider jaw correction. At Chase Lay MD, we are proud to offer non-surgical jaw reduction utilizing treatments […]

What Surgeons Look for in Otoplasty Candidates

Undergoing through otoplasty — also known as ear surgery — can genuinely change your life. Otoplasty is mainly done to correct the position or the shape of an individual whether a child above five years or an adult. In many cases, ear surgery can boost your self-esteem, confidence and the overall physical appearance. Over the […]

Scar Treatment: What are My Options?

Scars are signs that the body has healed itself of an injury, but for many people, a scar can be an embarrassing blemish that inhibits their social and professional life. This is especially true if the scar is on the face. Luckily, scar treatment options are available to drastically fade the appearance of them. The […]

Skin Tightening: Who Is a Candidate?

If you have lost a lot of weight recently, or if you have just had a baby, you may be experiencing saggy skin and you may not be feeling very great about yourself. Skin tightening treatments are a really great way to help your skin tighten back up to its previous state from before giving […]

What is Ptosis Surgery?

Ptosis is a condition that causes the upper eyelid to droop. There are times when the droopiness is hardly noticeable, and there are instances when an eyelid can droop over the entire pupil. Although the condition can affect adults and children, the most common cause of ptosis is due to aging. Chase Lay, MD offers […]

Melting in the Heat? Consider Excessive Sweating Treatments

Anyone who has lived through a sweltering summer can tell you how uncomfortable of a feeling it is to be drenched in sweat, especially in one’s armpits. This type of sweat is embarrassing to say the least. This is all the more pronounced when one suffers from hyperhidrosis. Thankfully, one does not have to suffer […]

Fat Freezing with CoolSculpting

Does fat freezing seem as if it may be too good to be true? We understand your concerns, but we want to assure you that CoolSculpting® is a safe, trustworthy treatment that offers real results. In fact, it may be able to help you achieve the figure that you have longed for without the need […]

Lip Plumper: How Does it Work?

Your smile is contagious. When you pass it on to others, it starts a chain reaction. You nurture it because you want your lips to look amazing. Cosmetic products, such as lip gloss, lip liner, and lipstick, can really make your lips pop. However, you are looking for a way to enhance plumpness. You are […]