Aging Skin

As we age, our collagen and elastin production rate decreases. These proteins play a vital role in maintaining tight, firm, elastic skin. A decrease in collagen and elastin levels means that skin loses elasticity, becoming less able to conform to the contours of our anatomy. As a result of the constant downward pull of gravity, our lax skin sags and develops wrinkles and folds, leading to an older appearance.

An Ultherapy treatment is able to tighten lax skin, lifting and reshaping the face and neck. It also smoothes away those embarrassing wrinkles and lines in the décolletage area. How exactly does Ultherapy work?


Ultherapy works through a process known as neocollagenesis, which is the term for the natural creation of new collagen. Ultherapy’s ultrasound energy is calibrated to a precise temperature in order to encourage neocollagenesis in the tissues. As collagen is remodeled, the tissues become stronger and tighter.

During treatment, the ultrasound energy waves are able to travel through the outer skin layer without any superficial skin injury. They continue past the dermis and fat/connective tissue layers, warming the deeper SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System) layer. This comprehensive treatment of the tissues allows Ultherapy to be more effective than many other procedures.

The Procedure

Typically, only around an hour to two and a half hours will be required to perform an Ultherapy treatment on a patient’s face and neck. Only a half an hour will be needed for a décolletage or eyes treatment.

The procedure begins with a cleansing of the areas to be treated. Following this, these areas are marked and coated with ultrasound gel. Once the ultrasound energy applicator is placed in contact with the area, it transmits a visual image of the tissues to a display screen. This helps us precisely target spots in these deep tissues with ultrasound energy waves.

After Treatment

One of the most appealing factors of Ultherapy is its non-surgical nature. Because there are no scalpels, needles, or incisions of any kind, there is no need to take time out of your busy schedule to recover. Instead, you can immediately return to your daily activities.

After just a single treatment, you may notice a degree of instant improvement. While this improvement may be immediately apparent, the real changes occur during the upcoming months. In the next two to three months after treatment, your tissues will continue to tighten as a result of the continued growth of new collagen. Because every patient is different, follow-up treatments may be recommended to achieve further tightening. Touch-ups may also be available.

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Are you looking for a way to have a facelift without surgery? We can tighten and lift your skin non-invasively with no downtime needed using a treatment called Ultherapy that relies upon the use of focused ultrasound energy for correcting sagging skin.

What is Ultrasound?

Ultrasound is a technology that has been around for a while and is most known for its diagnostic applications like for checking for signs of pregnancy. We direct focused ultrasound energy into the body, and a reflection returns that we develop into an image, allowing us to look inside the body. In addition to its medical use, ultrasound can be used to treat sagging skin.

What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is a non-invasive skin treatment involving the use of ultrasound technology for tightening and lifting the skin naturally. It stimulates the production of collagen through the transmission of focused ultrasound energy into skin depths that are normally addressed in cosmetic surgery, all without disrupting the surface of your skin.

How Does It Work?

Ultherapy works through the delivery of focused ultrasound waves to certain points under your skin. The energy is converted into thermal energy that heats and coagulates proteins. The treatment stimulates the production of new collagen to lift and tighten your skin.

The deep heating provided by the treatment helps to tighten your skin with no visible downtime since the top layer of your skin is completely bypassed. All of the effects of the treatment occur deeper in your skin.

What Does It Treat?

Ultherapy procedures can be used to tighten and lift skin found on the jawline, chin, neck, chest and brow using only one treatment. It should not be thought of as a replacement for a conventional facelift. Rather, it offers an alternative for anyone seeking a non-invasive treatment for skin tightening.

How Does the Treatment Tighten the Skin?

When you get older, collagen in your skin begins losing its shape, similar to how old clothes do not fit as tightly as they once did. In the same way, the aging process can lead to changes in collagen that cause your skin to become uneven and lax, forming sagging skin and wrinkles. When collagen is heated to a certain temperature, changes occur that result in tighter, more lifted skin.

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