One of the most common signs of aging is thinning lips. This is usually the result of decreased moisture retained in the lip tissue. The outward signs can also include wrinkling and the appearance of the so-called smoker’s lines. The natural swoop shape of the upper lip perimeter begins to disappear as well. These problems can lead to a rather unbalanced look that can affect the individual’s overall appearance. Lip augmentation can correct unwanted lip shape and decreased volume.

Thinning Lips and Wrinkling

This can make you look older, but it can also give you a strained look, as if you aren’t in a good mood. There’s something that can really improve your mood, however. Thin lips and straightened, unattractive lip lines can be corrected via lip augmentation.

Treatment Options

Dermal fillers can sometimes be used to restore a fuller appearance to the lips. These injectable fillers come in several densities and with varying malleability. The consultation will allow us to determine which filler to use and where to inject it. For some individuals, adding volume helps, but reshaping the lip surface is also necessary. It all depends on the unique case.

Lip implants are made of a synthetic material, and they are a more permanent solution to the problem of stretched, thin lips. However, we will not recommend this option unless our observations of the client’s lip shape determine this to be a proper treatment.

Unlike filler gels, lip implants actually change the overall shape of the lips. Implantation is rather simple, but it takes a skilled surgeon to perform this type of restructuring. Lip implants can be removed if necessary, but in most cases, the client is quite satisfied with the results.

Enhancing Your Appearance

Lip augmentation has come a long way in just the past two decades. More options are available, and we can recommend one or more treatments that will result in a more youthful appearance for you during your initial consultation at Chase Lay MD in San Jose. Contact us today to book an appointment and learn more about lip augmentation.