Aging Asian Eyelid Surgery

Aging Asian Eyelid Surgery, Aging Asian Eyelid Surgery

People of Asian descent have an eye anatomy that is unique. Excess skin and fat above the upper eyelid give the eye its appearance. The natural aging process causes the skin to droop. However, when this affects the Asian eye, it can cause vision concerns, and prevent the eye from opening all the way. For patients who are experiencing difficulties opening their eyes all the way due to drooping or excess skin and fat above their eyes, Aging Asian Eyelid surgery could benefit you.

What is Aging Asian Eyelid Surgery?

This specialized procedure is designed to improve vision by removing excess fat and skin from the upper, and sometimes lower, eyelid. The natural aging process, as well as weight loss, are both factors that can contribute to sagging skin in various parts of the body, including around the eyes. This personalized treatment is designed to rejuvenate the eyes while also giving them a more opened appearance. Aging Asian eyelid surgery differs from other  procedures performed on younger patients because those specific treatments are considered to be a cosmetic solution for achieving an eyelid. Aging eyelid surgery is designed to correct and enhance the functionality of the eye caused by sagging skin. This rejuvenating procedure is a fantastic remedy for gaining better vision.

How Does it Work?

A personalized treatment plan must first be created during an initial consultation in order to access the eyes and the needs of each patient. During the procedure, an incision is made to the upper eye within the natural fold. The excess fat and skin is then removed. The lower eyelid can then be treated by removing any excess fat if necessary in order to correct the puffy appearance of eyes. The procedure can take up to 2 hours to complete. It is performed as an in-patient surgery under local anesthesia. There is necessary recovery time to allow the swelling to go down and the area to heal. The results offer a wider eye look that is rejuvenated and open. It also effectively improves vision and the functionality of eyes.

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