When you look at yourself any time you are in front of a mirror, you aren’t happy with what you see. You have eyelids that are so droopy you look like you are sleepy all the time. You’ve tried cosmetics to improve the appearance of your eyelids, but nothing has helped. You can’t wear sunglasses all the time to hide a condition called ptosis. Ptosis is known as a condition in which your eyelid sags. You might only notice it in one eye or it could be affecting both. Mild cases may be just a nuisance. If it is severe, your lid can hang down all the way to your pupils, getting in the way of your vision. Fortunately, ptosis treatment is available to help you deal with this frustrating problem.

Find a Solution for Ptosis

When you have ptosis, it’s often due to an issue with the muscles that are responsible for lifting your eyelids up to a higher position. As you get older, collagen production drops down. This makes your tissues become looser. It could affect your eyelids as well. In some cases, a condition like diabetes or a neurological issue could make your eyelids droop. Our plastic surgeon can help you to give your eyelids the boost they need.

What Happens During Ptosis Surgery?

When you have ptosis surgery, the muscles that are responsible for lifting your eyelids can be tightened. In some cases, your eyelid may actually be connected to the tissue that is found beneath your eyebrow. The muscles in your forehead will make it possible to lift your eyelid to a higher position. In some cases, excess skin may be removed as well. It all depends on the unique case.

Once you have recovered, you won’t have that droopy eyelid bothering you anymore. Your vision may improve as well. The best benefit may be your boost in self-esteem.

Ask Our Plastic Surgeon About Your Treatment Options

If you think that you could benefit from ptosis treatment, come see our plastic surgeon at Chase Lay MD in San Jose. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.