Your smile is contagious. When you pass it on to others, it starts a chain reaction. You nurture it because you want your lips to look amazing. Cosmetic products, such as lip gloss, lip liner, and lipstick, can really make your lips pop. However, you are looking for a way to enhance plumpness. You are not interested in going with implants. The thought of having dermal fillers injected into such a sensitive area is not the right path for you. Fortunately, you can go in a different direction with a lip plumper.

How do Lip Plumpers Work?
You will find that there are a variety of lip plumpers that are available. You can choose from balms, sticks, pots, gels, and glosses. The majority of lip plumpers will make your lips look fuller. They contain ingredients that irritate the delicate skin on your lips. When they contain a gloss, this can give the illusion of fuller lips as well. Typical plumpers will only last for a short period of time. They are ideal for a special event or going out on a date. If they are used excessively, they can dry out the lips and make them feel sore.

New Plumpers Offer Better Results
There have been advances in the production of plumpers. Newer products on the market offer the benefit of collagen and other ingredients that can be applied to the lips to give them more fullness. The main goal is to kick collagen production into gear. Hyaluronic acid is another important ingredient that improves moisture in the lips. By hydrating the lips, it is possible to have more fullness. Wrinkles can be smoothed away as well.

Be Realistic About Expectations
While lip plumpers may give you temporary fullness in your lips, you aren’t going to get Hollywood results. They are a good product to use on occasion when you want to make your lips look their best. If you really want results that are going to last longer or that are more pronounced, consider a hyaluronic filler. The ingredients eventually fade away and won’t cause any harm to your lips. If you only want to plump up now and then, lip plumpers are an effective choice.

Consider Lip Exfoliants as Well
To improve the results you get with your lip plumper, you can use a lip exfoliant first. This will clear away any dead, dry skin. You will be setting the stage for the application of your lip plumper to give yourself a little more volume. Add a few finishing touches, such as lip liner and gloss, to create an eye-catching smile. You can also consider only using an exfoliant before you apply your lipstick. You will find that you will have better results when you applying cosmetic products to your lips. You can make your lips stand out more with lip plumper products that are combined with cosmetics. Try a combination of products to get the most out of your smile.

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