Are non-invasive and minimally-invasive treatments just not helping you get the results that you want? Everyone reaches a point in their life when they need just a little bit more help. Surgical procedures offer long-lasting and dramatic benefits that can take years off of your appearance. If you are considering a neck lift, here are some things that you should know.

A neck lift can improve the visible signs of aging that you have on your neck and jawline. Excess skin can be removed, so the skin that is left will be smooth and tight. Liposuction may also be used to remove unwanted fat in the area. This not only gives you a younger appearance, but it may also make you look slimmer.

In order to qualify for a neck lift, you will need to go through a consultation with our plastic surgeon. There are some things that make a person a good candidate for a neck lift. If you smoke, you will have to stop smoking in the weeks before and after the procedure. You must not have any medical conditions that would impair healing.

Additionally, you need to have realistic expectations for what the procedure can do for you. One of the ways that we will help you to have realistic expectations is by showing you before and after photographs of some of our clients who have had the neck lift procedure done. If you have a positive outlook, you will likely feel great about your neck lift.

We find that many of our patients are not ready for a complete facelift. Their upper face still looks youthful. However, they have a double chin, jowls, and some wrinkly neck skin. When a person finds that their neck area does not match their upper facial area, a neck lift may be the perfect solution.

When you visit our plastic surgeon at Chase Lay MD for your initial consultation, you should be ready to discuss various things. For example, you want to be able to clearly lay out your surgical goals. You should be ready to talk about any medical conditions that you have and any medications that you take. The surgeon is going to evaluate your general health in order to make sure that you qualify for a neck lift.

Everyone experiences a point in their life when minimally-invasive and non-invasive treatments are no longer helping them get the results they want. A neck lift may be just what you need to remove excess skin and fat from your jawline and neck and enjoy a more youthful appearance. Contact us today to book a consultation in San Jose and learn more!