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Lip lift procedure

At our boutique practice in San Jose, lip lift surgery has become an increasingly more popular surgical procedure. While there are non-surgical options for making your lips more full or predominant, a lip lift is a more long-lasting solution and a favorite by our Bay Area patients. Dr. Lay utilizes the latest plastic surgery techniques by blending art and science, to help our patients achieve the lips they’ve always dreamed of.

Dr. Lay prides himself on his communication with patients and strives to deliver the best lip lift in San Jose. Below, we’ve included information about the surgical procedure, frequently asked questions, and more on our head facial plastic surgeon—Dr. Chase Lay. To book a consultation, please contact us today!

What is a Lip Lift?

As the body ages, your Philtrum (the space between your lip and nose) will stretch, giving off the appearance of smaller or thinner lips. A Lip Lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure that Dr. Lay tailors to each patient’s face, lifting the upper lip to help create a more aesthetically pleasing shape.

Who are the Best Candidates for a Lip Lift?

The best candidate for a lip lift is anyone who is experiencing the aging effect of the increased spatial area between their lip and nose, those who possess thinner lips inherited through genetics and desire more volume, or anyone who just wants to achieve a fuller look in their lips.

What are the Benefits of a Lip Lift?

Dr. Lay has had years of success helping patients achieve their desired appearance. The main benefit we have seen in our patients is that they achieve fuller-looking lips. This creates a more youthful appearance in the lip area, giving you more confidence in your smile, and exposing your top teeth, even when your mouth is relaxed.

What’s the First Step?

The first step to getting a lip lift in San Jose with Dr. Chase Lay is to schedule a consultation to come to meet with us in our Bay Area office. By giving us a ring or filling out a contact form, our front desk team will schedule your appointment. During the consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to explain your surgical goals, learn more about the procedure, and ask any questions. Dr. Lay will provide a full assessment of your lips and nose area and give you his recommendations on if he thinks this is the best procedure for you.

If you’re happy with the recommendation, surgery will be booked and we’ll provide you with pre and postoperative instructions.

Pro tip: Be upfront and honest with Dr. Lay about your goals. Good communication usually leads to optimal results.

What to Expect on the Day of Surgery?

Dr. Lay will lift your upper lip to achieve the desired shape the two of you discuss. He will remove a tiny horizontal space just beneath the nose to shorten the distance between your upper lip and nose. He will then turn your upper lip slightly outward to reveal more of the inner pink structure of your lip. The surgery will take about an hour to perform, leaving you with new beautiful and youthful lips.

Lip Lift Recovery

After your surgery, you will be required to keep your stitches in for about a week. There might be some minor pain and discomfort roughly 3 days following the procedure, but should subside rather quickly and Dr. Lay will provide you with medication to ease your recovery. We recommend taking 3-5 days off of work so you can recover comfortably. You may also experience some swelling and tightness, but that is a very normal and temporary reaction.

Is there a non-surgical option?

Yes. There is a non-surgical option that uses dermal fillers which can add volume and fullness to your lips. While this can offer you some exceptional results, it does not have a long-lasting outcome and depending on the patient, may not achieve your desired outcome. When you have your consultation with Dr. Lay, please feel free to discuss this with him to find out with option is best for you.

How Much Does a Lip Lift Cost in San Jose?

The cost of a lip lift in San Jose will vary on a number of factors. During your consultation with Dr. Lay, he’ll explain the procedure, answer questions, and give you a full breakdown of the costs associated with the procedure.

Why Choose Us?

By Choosing Chase Lay, MD for your lip lift procedure, you’re getting a double-board facial plastic surgeon who prides himself on his honesty and communication with patients. Our patients feel that the experience in our practice is very different than most surgeons’ offices. Dr. Lay and our entire team are very down to earth, take the time to get to know you, and can assure you that we’ll only make recommendations that we truly feel are in the best interest of you. To read more about what our patients are saying about us, check out our reviews on RealSelf.

Schedule Your Consultation

If you’re interested in scheduling a consultation for a lip lift in San Jose, contact us today. We see patients from all over the Bay area and are excited to meet with you, learn more about your surgical goals, and give you our best recommendations on how we can help achieve them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Lip Lift permanent?

A Lip Lift is an incredibly long-lasting surgery that you will be able to enjoy, however, due to aging, you will notice that the area between your lips and nose will increase, which may lessen the results albeit ever so slightly.

Will a lip lift change your smile?

Yes, it will. After receiving the procedure, you will notice when smiling that more teeth are revealed, enhancing your smile.

What’s the best age for the procedure?

As with any surgery or face modification, we recommend our patients be consenting adults, however, there is really no “best age” for a lip lift. Some of our younger patients elect to get this surgery because of dissatisfaction with thinner lips due to genetics. Our older patients tend to get a lip lift in order to achieve a more youthful look.