Growing up with a deviated septum and droopy tip was a blow to my confidence. I considered a surgical rhinoplasty but recently discovered non-surgical nose jobs using fillers. I did my research and came across Nurse Emily through a friend’s recommendation. Nurse Emily provided a consultation and ensured that Restylane would help camouflage the bump on my nose and raise the tip to look more feminine. In the event that I am dissatisfied with the shape, an enzyme could be injected to reverse it. The procedure itself took roughly 30 minutes with minimal pain on the bridge, and slight to moderate pain on the tip. Numbing cream is provided by request! I was immediately in love with my results and wish I knew about this procedure sooner. Nurse Emily explained that swelling will subside around 3 weeks and around the 4 week mark I can come in to touch up any minor imperfections. I did have bruising for 3 weeks but was able to cover it up with concealer. At the touch up appointment, she injected more at the tip to create a pixie nose and used the remainder of the syringe to fill in my bridge. I still can’t get over my results and wish fillers were permanent, but this is a great alternative to anyone who is hesitant to commit to a traditional rhinoplasty. I highly recommend fillers by Nurse Emily!