Asian Eyelid Surgery Photos - Case #651

Patient Case #651

This is a young Chinese woman who wanted to improve the symmetry of her eyelids and enhance the existing crease. She wanted a natural low to medium crease with a subtle parallel stop to the crease at the inside corner. Here she is approximately 6 weeks after incision technique with anchoring sutures. She looks excellent and her eyes are further accented by makeup and eyelash extensions she could not wear before. Delivering natural results with Asian eyelid surgery or double eyelid surgery is one of my greatest sources of pride. As a board certified facial plastic surgeon I have spent a great deal of time improving my technique. Not only is Asian eyelid anatomy different from non-Asian eyelid anatomy it is unique to each patient requiring I customize my technique for every surgery.

Surgeon: Dr. Chase Lay
Patient Age: 22
Patient Gender: Female
Race: Asian or Pacific Islander

Asian Eyelid Surgery
Asian Eyelid Surgery