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Asian Eyelid Surgery Photos - Case #648

Patient Case #648

This is a young Asian woman who wanted to keep her existing crease but alter the epicanthal fold, or inner fold, of her eyelid. While some patients may find this a little too open her request was to have a much more open inner corner but we were both wanted to avoid a standard medial epicanthoplasty as this procedure almost always leaves visible scarring, often with very little result. I have modified the medial epicanthoplasty and I achieved this dramatic change using a customized Asian Eyelid Surgery anchoring technique that redirects the epicanthal fold tissue superior and medially so that it blends with her preexisting crease and avoids visible scaring. Double eyelid surgery or Asian Eyelid Surgery is a delicate and detailed procedure that takes years to perfect. Though I perform Asian eyelid surgery every working day I still learn something new with every surgery I perform.

Asian Eyelid Surgery
Asian Eyelid Surgery