When you think about someone who is getting plastic surgery or reconstructive surgery, you usually think about a person who is middle-aged. These individuals want to recapture some of the youthful appearance they have lost with age. However, during the past few years, plastic surgeons have seen a surge in younger people, mostly millennials, looking to get plastic surgery.

Millennials are people who were born between 1982 and 2004. This means that people 34 years of age and younger are becoming one of the largest groups of people looking to get plastic surgery. What’s interesting to note is that this year millennials have outpaced baby boomers. They are now the largest generational group in the United States.

Many of these individuals, although they are not yet 35 years of age, are seeking out eye surgical procedures to make them look more alert or to make them look more refreshed. Many are turning to plastic surgery as a way of looking like their favorite celebrity. They’re looking to emulate the lip size or lip shape of their favorite celebrity. They want their buttocks to look like their favorite celebrity.

With millennials, plastic surgeons are seeing a shift from a trend that has been around for decades. For decades most plastic surgeons would operate primarily on women between 35 and 55 years old. Now, not only has the group of people looking for cosmetic procedures gotten younger, but the number of men looking for these procedures has drastically increased. Millennial men and women are not necessarily looking to reverse the signs of aging, but instead, they’re hoping to prevent aging from affecting their face.

One of the driving forces behind the millennial’s desire to look forever young is the power of social media. With social media, your face is everywhere. When people want to learn about you, they can go to your social media site and see images of you. So it’s understandable that people want the images that others see of them to be young looking.

The younger society has the idea that ability and age go hand-in-hand. The younger a person is, the more capable they are perceived to be. This idea has served millennials well when they were all in their late teens and early 20’s. But now that the oldest of this group are in their early 30’s, the idea that they perpetuated is starting to turn on them. Their greatest fear is being perceived as old because they know that it can affect their job security and financial stability. All of these are reasons why plastic surgeons are seeing more millennial patients than ever before.

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