The aging process affects people differently. Some people will age by losing facial volume. Some will experience a loss of bone volume. Sun damage can cause a person’s skin to lose elasticity over time or cause skin discoloration. A few decades ago when a person wanted to turn back the hands on the clock, they would visit a plastic surgeon to have a surgical procedure performed. More and more people today are seeing the benefits of opting for non-surgical cosmetic treatments. In many cases, these non-surgical treatments are producing stellar results without the downtime associated with surgical procedures. What is it that makes non-surgical aesthetic treatments ideal?

It is important to note that non-surgical treatments will not produce the same drastic effects that a surgical procedure such as a facelift will. But the reality is that most people do not need the drastic change that a surgical procedure like a facelift will cause. What they simply need is to smooth out their skin, tighten their skin, add volume with the goal of getting rid of wrinkles, and doing something about dynamic wrinkles. All of these goals can be accomplished via non-surgical treatments. All of these treatments, either used individually or combined, will make a person look fresher, will make them look younger, and will take years off a person’s perceived age.

To get the most out of non-surgical treatments such as Botox, dermal fillers, or laser treatments, a person should be in good health and sure about their change. The healthier your skin is and the larger the commitment you are willing to make to protect your skin from the sun after treatment, the better the results will be.

Most non-surgical treatments produce instant results. For example, when a person has dermal fillers, they will walk into our doctor’s office, the dermal fillers will be injected, and the patient can leave with a completely new look.

Something else that’s awesome about non-surgical treatments is that they are not permanent. This sets them apart from surgical procedures, which are permanent. So if for some reason a person does not like the way they look after having a non-surgical treatment done, they can simply wait a set amount of time and the treatment will reverse itself. Conversely, if they love the way they look after their non-surgical treatment, they can simply come back to our doctor and have a touch-up.

It is amazing to think about what advances in technology are allowing cosmetic surgeons to do today with non-surgical procedures. For example, they can use heat, cold, and radiofrequency to remove unwanted pockets of fat. Deoxycholic acid can be used to get rid of fat underneath the chin. And Botox can make stubborn dynamic wrinkles disappear. All of these are just a few of the things that make non-surgical aesthetic treatments ideal.

If you are ready to give non-surgical aesthetic treatments a try, it may be time to visit the office of Chase Lay, MD. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.