Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty is a very popular treatment both in my clinic and abroad. Essentially, this treatment consists of filler (typically Radiesse or sometimes Juvederm Voluma) injected in the nose. For the bridge, it’s injected along the surface of the nasal bones from just short of the brow down to an intersection of the nasal cartilage and nasal bones known as the rhinion. In general, it is recommend to not inject past the rhino towards the tip as this can make for an unnatural look. However, injecting the lowest part of the bridge in the area of the nasal bones (roughly equal with the pupils of the eyes) makes for a nice contour of the nasal bridge that looks both attractive and natural. Injecting this area of the nose is performed with relatively low risk both cosmetically and medically.

A more complicated area of the nose to inject would be the tip and columella. Injecting Radiesse or other soft tissue fillers can make for a more defined and better supported nose and nasal tip. Injecting carefully and conservatively in these areas of the nose can make very nice changes but it is always advisable to be aware that if an artery is occluded it can cause necrosis of the soft tissue of the nasal tip. If this happens then the scar that occurs from skin necrosis it will not be able to repaired.

That being said, each week many of my patient still elect to undergo injections, typically with Radiesse, to augment the nasal bridge, refine the nasal tip, and project the tip while providing support by injecting the columella at it’s base.

Cost of this injectable Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty is around $550 at this time. It’s a very popular alternative to Asian Rhinoplasty and patients tend to really like the results. In cases of contour irregularities, patients of any background also enjoy the benefits of subtle modifications to the nose with injectable fillers.

If you are considering Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty but are nervous about the potential outcome being unsatisfactory then you may consider using a filler like Restylane or Juvederm Ultra XC first instead of Radiesse. I like Radiesse best for longer lasting results and better contouring versus hyaluronic acid fillers BUT the HA fillers have the advantage of being reversible via a melting process with enzymatic solutions like hyaluronidase (i.e Vitrase)

Remember, anatomy varies from patient to patient and so results can always vary.

We look forward to seeing you in the clinic.

Chase Lay MD