Numerous individuals are unhappy with unwanted pockets of fat, the proverbial muffin top and excess fatty tissue on their thighs. This often decreases confidence and makes the individual feel self-conscious about their body. Excess fat often changes the fit of clothing, makes it difficult to find pleasure in any bathing suit and can even negatively impact social gatherings. Sometimes the best possible routines for exercise combined with an exceptionally healthy diet are still not enough to lose the stubborn fat. There is an effective procedure currently available. This treatment was created to help achieve a higher level of confidence and regain lost curves by providing a more pleasing and contoured body shape. This non-invasive, popular and effective treatment is called fat freezing or cryolipolysis.

The FDA has approved the procedure as a non-invasive means of removing numerous types of undesirable fat bulges such as double chins and love handles. This is accomplished by freezing the cells of fat. Although the treatment is capable of removing a notable percentage of the fat in an area, it is important to note that more than one session is generally necessary. The treatment involves the use of freezing technology to destroy excess fat. The procedure usually requires no Most patients have reported a cold sensation prior to the area becoming numb. The reason the treatment was cleared by the FDA was partially based on a study conducted in 2010 regarding the effect of the technology.

Once fat freezing received approval from the FDA, it became extremely popular across the nation. The areas most commonly treated include the thighs, breasts, abdomen, upper arms and the area of fat located beneath the buttocks. The procedure effectively breaks down the cells of fat by freezing them through the use of a cold enough temperature. Although fat cells are extremely sensitive to colder temperatures, this is not true of the other kinds of cells. This means as the fat cells are being frozen, the structures of the body and the skin are not susceptible to injury.

This treatment has become one of the most popular non-surgical options for reducing fat. In excess of 450,000 treatments have been provided to people all over the world. This is an excellent opportunity if you have persistent and localized bulges of fat that have not responded to exercise and diet. It is important to note that individuals with conditions related to the cold should not have this procedure. If you have poor skin tone or loose skin, you are probably not a good candidate for cryolipolysis. The goal of the procedure is to decrease the amount of fat located in the fatty bulges. You can schedule additional sessions to treat a specific area more than once or treat numerous different areas. The treatment does not even require anesthesia.

The procedure is similar to liposuction in the sense it targets areas of your body with pockets of fat much harder to get rid of through just exercising and watching what you eat. The procedure does not require surgery or anesthetic. This means the treatment does not have the same risks as liposuction. Cryolipolysis is considered to be safe. The success rate for this type of procedure has been high. Not only does the procedure not have all of the side effects of numerous current treatments, the process of freezing fat has been shown to be extremely effective. It is important to keep your expectations realistic. Although the treatment will get rid of areas of excess fat, the procedure is not a magic wand. There are a lot of other factors you need to consider such as your lifestyle.

If the individual continues to consume unhealthy foods and does not exercise, there will not be as much fat reduction achieved from the treatment. A healthy lifestyle is very important, not just for maintaining an ideal weight but for health reasons as well. Studies have been conducted regarding the process of fat freezing. The amount of fat reduction was measured by researchers using a tool called a caliper. The areas treated through this process showed an average reduction between 14.67 and 28.5 percent. The same studies were conducted regarding ultrasound. The fat reduction was again measured by the researchers. The average reduction was between 10.3 and 25.5 percent. The results achieved through cryolipolysis were better. None of the studies could find any major health risks caused by the treatment.

The authors of the studies determined there were no major health risks linked to the treatment. No reduction was seen in lipid levels or liver function. For these reasons, the treatments was classified as both cosmetic and safe. It is also important to note the treatment often leads to lifestyle improvements contributing to the overall health of the individual. There were sixteen separate studies included in a review of the treatment in 2015. There was a 19.55 percent average reduction in fat. Once the fat cells were destroyed by the procedure, the same fat cells were not able to return. The destruction of the existing fat cells does not prevent the appearance of new fat cells. This is the reason maintaining a healthy lifestyle is critical for maintaining the results you gained from having the procedure.

The Procedure for Fat Freezing

Cryolipolysis is a process for freezing fat approved by the FDA. The treatment is effective because freezing temperatures are used to break apart the cells of fat. The other cells in the body are not damaged by the cold, only the fat cells. This means the procedure does not cause any damage to the underlying tissues or the skin. During the treatment, a medical professional vacuums your skin into an applicator over the area where the fatty tissues are located. This effectively cools your fat cells. The area is numbed by the colder temperatures. Some individuals have felt a cooling sensation across their skin but no pain. The procedure is non-invasive, does not require surgery and removes stubborn cells of extra fat from your body. The cooling technique can freeze the fat cells located in your thighs, abdomen and back.

The procedure begins when a marker is used for confirmation of the areas to be targeted during your treatment. The shape and dimensions of the bulge of fat targeted for your treatment will be assessed by the medical professional to ensure the applicator with the correct curvature and size is chosen. The marker is also used to show the area where the applicator will be placed. Your skin will be protected using a gel pad. The device is then placed on your skin to pull in the extra fat. Once the fat has been collected, a controlled cooling temperature is used to freeze this fat. The time required for the procedure is dependent on the areas being treated. In most cases, the process requires roughly sixty minutes. Once the constant cooling has frozen the fat cells, your metabolic system is able to flush them from your body.

No recovery period or downtime is necessary because neither your tissue or skin has been damaged. The majority of individuals who have had this procedure usually read, play on a smart phone or watch television during their treatment. Once your treatment has been completed, the vacuum will be turned off and the applicator removed from your skin. The area will be massaged to further improve the results of your treatment. The majority of individuals who have experienced fat freezing were satisfied with their final results. You body will need a few months to eliminate the injured cells of fat. It is important to be patient during this period because the average decrease in the size of the fatty bulges is about twenty percent. It is also important to understand this process is gradual and does require time.

The Benefits of Fat Freezing

There are a lot of benefits from this treatment. This includes:

  • No surgery is necessary
  • You will not need anesthesia or sedation prior to having your treatment
  • There is no damage to the muscles, blood vessels or nerve fibers in the area
  • There is no downtime, you can immediately return to your normal activities
  • There is often a boost to the self-confidence of the individual due to the improvements
  • You can treat multiple areas during the same procedure
  • The procedure is performed through an outpatient basis
  • The procedure is appropriate for individuals of all ages
  • The fat cells destroyed or damaged are removed from your body permanently

The procedure is convenient and does not require a great deal of time. You decide which part of your body you want to have treated. You decide if you want to schedule additional sessions to continue working on the same area or if there is another area you want to have treated. If the area you have chosen for treatment is very specific such as beneath your chin, you will be finished with your treatment within minutes. Some individuals have started to see their results as soon as three weeks after their session. You can increase the speed of your results by exercising, drinking plenty of water and even having a relaxing massage.

Fat freezing does not involve medication, needles, incisions or surgery. Although you will be awake during your treatment, you will not feel any pain. At most, you will feel a slight suctioning and a coolness on your skin. The treatment is so simple and easy it feels more like a visit to the spa than an actual medical procedure. Some people schedule their treatment early in the morning. This way they are still able to be at work on time. The biggest issue with liposuction are the big dimples and uneven pockets of fat often left behind after the surgery. Freezing your fat leaves the entire area treated smooth because your fat is removed evenly. Nobody will be aware you had the procedure unless you tell them. What they will believe is that your exercising and dieting routines are starting to show.

The number one reason people have this treatment is because they want to look good. The procedure will improve your appearance by eliminating 25 percent of the fat in the targeted area with only one treatment. Most people do schedule another session to work on a different area. The combination of a healthy lifestyle and cryolipolysis will improve your contours for many years. The treatment will not harm you because it is non-invasive. This means there is no risk of an injury or an infection. The important cells within your body will not be damaged, only your fat cells. This is extremely important for anyone desiring multiple sessions for fat reduction. You are most likely a good candidate for this treatment if you are interested in getting rid of extra fat cells in your thighs, stomach, back or upper arms.

You must be willing to live a healthy lifestyle to maintain the improvements in the shape of your body. If you are at or under your average weight range, your results will be exceptionally satisfying. This is considered to be the most effective and accepted procedure for reducing fat. This being said, there are certain conditions that do not enable the person to have this treatment. This includes:

  • Currently pregnant
  • Obesity
  • An allergy to the cold
  • Recently having had surgery
  • An injury or inflammation in the potential area for treatment
  • A hernia

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