In this young woman she had a case of long standing ptosis of the right eyelid that required an external approach and plication (shortening) of the levator aponeurosis. These ptosis correction surgeries can be challenging and have a higher revision rate than typical blepharoplasty cases. The healing process from these surgeries is similar to a standard blepharoplasty in which skin only is removed in that sutures are removed externally at approximately postop day seven. However, other aspects of healing including swelling and I would position may take longer to heal and show its final results. It’s important to understand that surgery for ptosis is functional and not cosmetic. That being said Dr. Lay makes every effort to create an outcome that is functionally improved and aesthetically pleasing. During this particular surgery 6-0 prolene sutures are left internally to hold the mail folded levator tendon in place. Not all cases necessitate the placement of permanent sutures internally.

It is important to trust your eyelids to a surgeon who is experienced in both the reconstructive and cosmetic aspects of eyelid surgery. Dr Lay and staff looks forward to seeing you in the office to answer your questions.