Ever-increasing jawlines are often the result of oversized jaw muscles. These muscles may grow in size as you frequently use them, clenching them in stress or grinding your teeth even at night. Others naturally have oversized jaw muscles and surrounding tissues. In men, this can cause pronounced bulging in the area and large jowls. For women, this can give them masculine-looking jaws. We can help you correct this problem with a safe, non-surgical jaw reduction treatment.

BOTOX® has been used quite successfully on the jaw muscles, known as the masseters, to weaken them, decrease their size and reshape the jawline. This slimmer jawline is especially prized by women who want a soft, oval-shaped face. It can be used aesthetically for a better profile and for improved self-image, but it can also be used medically to decrease the strength of these muscles, which will then be too weak to clench and grind as they once did.

Whether you have noticed an increasing jaw size as you have gotten older, have noticed that you clench your jaw frequently or have heard your partner complaining that you grind your teeth at night, you can seek wonderful help from Dr. Chase Lay, who serves the San Jose and surrounding areas. With a simple treatment using a neuromodulator, such as BOTOX® or its cousins Dysport® or XEOMIN®, we can reshape the jaw, loosen these muscles and help you feel better about yourself.

The best way to find out if this treatment is right for you is to schedule a consultation with our practitioner. Once we determine that BOTOX® or a similar product for jaw reduction is right for your jawline, we may get you started with your first treatment. While it is non-surgical and does not require anesthesia, it does use small injections; however, they are very well-tolerated.

This treatment is short and easy. Many busy adults find that they can fit their jaw reduction treatments into even the busiest day. The results of a single treatment can last for months.

Dr. Lay uses only the smallest possible dosage so that you can see great results without feeling as if you look unnatural. If you are ready to experience softer and narrower facial lines, call us today at Chase Lay MD to set up your initial consultation at our office in San Jose.