You’ve done everything you can to protect your face. You use sunblock to avoid damage from the sun. You turn to quality products and moisturizers in an effort to retain a youthful appearance. Supplements that are good for your hair and skin are part of your daily routine. In spite of all your efforts, the years are catching up with you. You may feel the same on the inside, but your outer appearance is telling another story. Your skin is drooping on your face. You’re seeing wrinkles on your forehead and other areas. There are hollows in your cheeks. You’re wondering where the fullness went in your face. Cosmetics aren’t enough to cover up the signs of aging. You’re thinking about facial fat transfer. Learn more about the facial fat transfer process and how it can help you.

Facial Fat Transfer Offers You an Alternative to Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are one of the most popular options to fight the effects of aging on your face. They typically last multiple months to a year or more, depending on the filler that is used, before they are absorbed into the body. Fat transfer offers you another route to take. Your own fat is used as a filler to make your face look firmer, fuller, and smoother once again.

What Happens During Facial Fat Transfer?

Facial fat transfer taps into excess fat in your body to put it to good use someplace else. This procedure is often used for breast and buttock augmentation as well. The first step is to identify an area on your body where you have extra fat. The abdomen is the most popular area to use for fat harvesting. The fat is removed through a simple procedure. After a purification process, the fat is injected into key areas to enhance their appearance.

Smooth Away Facial Wrinkles

Wrinkles are one of the most frustrating signs of aging. If you are troubled by the creases on your forehead, lines around your mouth, and lines on other areas of the face, you can have fat injections in each area. You can expect our plastic surgeon to give you a little more volume than is necessary because some of the fat cells will be absorbed into your body. The final outcome will be smoother skin, making you look like you went back to your younger years.

Get Rid of Those Hollows

When your skin droops, it can leave hollows under your eyes and in your cheeks. You can ask our plastic surgeon to fill in these areas with fat injections. You’ll have the fullness you used to have. The injections will also lift drooping skin, eliminating sagging.

Don’t Forget About Your Lips

As you look at the volume you have lost on your face, your lips are likely to stand out as well. During the aging process, collagen levels dip. Collagen gives your skin firmness by making it more elastic. When collagen production goes down, you may notice that your lips look thinner as well. You could choose fat injections in your lips to plump them up again. You can also target those lines around the mouth that make you look older than your years. Fill them in and smooth the skin around your lips.

Avoid More Complex Procedures

Facial implants and a facelift can address lost volume in your face. They can also take care of wrinkles. However, with these options your recovery process will most likely take longer. There is also the possibility that your results will look overdone. You don’t want to look like your eyes are wide open all the time or your mouth is always pulled back in a forced smile.

Why Choose Facial Fat Transfer?

Facial fat transfer offers you several benefits. You will be going with a filler that is actually a part of your own body. Nothing unnatural will be injected into your skin. Because you are using your own fat, your body is much less likely to have any type of negative reaction. The majority of the fat will graft to the existing fat in your face. You may lose some of the initial fullness after your facial fat transfer. However, our plastic surgeon should bear that in mind, transferring enough fat to give you optimal results in the long run.

Get Rid of Unwanted Fat and Recycle It

Choose facial fat transfer and you can get rid of that annoying fat someplace else. You’ll improve the contours of your figure when you move the fat from that area. Best of all, you’re still putting that fat to good use. If you have plenty to spare, you may choose to have it injected into other areas for additional improvements. If you think certain areas could use a boost, talk to our plastic surgeon about putting all of that fat to good use.

Experience Results That Look and Feel Natural

If you use a facelift or other types of fillers, you may not like how your skin feels on your face. You could also get results that are over the top. Facial fat transfer will give you softer skin that feels like the real deal.

Give Yourself Peace of Mind by Using Something from Your Body

You may have a hard time with the thought of putting anything into your body that is foreign. Facial fat transfer is only using what is already in your body. You’re just shifting it from one place to another. As an added benefit, you can rest assured that any impurities will be removed from your fat before it is used somewhere on your face.

Give Yourself the Attention You Deserve

If you are like so many others, you are always so focused on taking care of everyone else. You don’t make yourself a priority. Choosing facial fat transfer can boost your spirits. It can help you to greet each day with a positive attitude when you are happy about what you see in the mirror.

You Don’t Have to Let Aging Get You Down

People will tell you that you can’t beat time. While that’s true, you can still age gracefully. When you take good care of yourself and target areas that make you unhappy, you can make it look like the years have been kind to you. Facial fat transfer is a simple approach that can do wonders for anti-aging.

The Procedure is Relatively Minor

The facial fat transfer is considered a minor procedure when compared to other options. It is performed in the comfort of our state-of-the-art surgical facility using specialized techniques. Although the procedure is minor, it’s important to know that there is still a recovery period required. It’s crucial to follow our team’s instructions during this time to achieve optimal results. You’ll likely experience some swelling after the procedure. This is completely normal and will fade. Cosmetics can address any redness and other minor effects. After full healing, you can see the end result of your facial fat transfer.

What if Your Weight Fluctuates After the Procedure?

If you have a change in weight after facial fat transfer, you might see a change in the appearance of your face. If you gain weight, you can expect additional fullness in your face. If you go in the other direction, you could see hollows appear in your cheeks again. Your main goal should be to maintain a stable weight. Continue to use moisturizers that will improve your skin’s health. Sunblock is also important, helping you to protect your skin from damage. It can also avoid breakdown of collagen in your skin.

Talk to Our Plastic Surgeon About Your Treatment Options

The best way to find out if facial fat transfer is a good option for you is to make an appointment with our plastic surgeon at Chase Lay MD. When you have your first consultation, our surgeon is going to evaluate your face and your body, pinpointing trouble areas. You’ll find out what the best alternative is for you. If you have fat to spare, you’re healthy, and your goals are realistic, you could get a green light for facial fat transfer. Get ready to bring back a more youthful appearance when you shift your fat to where it is needed most.

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