The cheeks and jawline can be the most defining characteristics of your face. Subtle deficiencies can have an impact on facial symmetry and balance. For many, a “weak chin” can be problematic because it creates the appearance of a double chin in spite of a healthy weight. If you’d like to enhance your appearance for a greater sense of balance, facial implants may be right for you.

There are a variety of available facial implants, including chin and jaw implants. Chin implants add size and projection to the chin as well as height in some cases. Jaw implants serve the same goal but add projection and definition to the jawline. Facial implants can make impressive and natural changes to one’s face and self-image. While facial implants are placed often with a great safety record, implants do come with some risk of infection, post-operative pain, and numbness so do not take facial implant placement lightly. Double Board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Chase Lay may recommend a combination of implants depending on your aesthetic goals.

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