You never thought having some excess fat on your body could be a good thing. You’ve always been concerned with getting rid of those stubborn deposits that cling to trouble areas. Your abdomen, your thighs, and your upper arms are three spots where fat could be a problem even though you may be happy with your weight. Before you go on an extreme fitness plan to burn off that fat or think about surgical removal, you could put it to good use, especially if your face is showing some of the common signs of aging. A fat transfer procedure can transform your fat into something much more attractive when it is moved to a place where you need it most.

Why is a Fat Transfer Performed?

A fat transfer is a cosmetic procedure that is designed to add more volume to a certain part of the face to enhance it. At the same time, the fat must be removed from someplace else on your body. A fat transfer may be used to restore volume to your face if you have noticed that you have hollows in your cheeks that have been brought on by weight loss or getting older.

When you choose a fat transfer, you are taking a natural substance that is already a part of your body and moving it to an ideal location. You are much less likely to have any type of reaction as opposed to the risks that come with some other procedures. Your final result will look authentic and it will feel realistic. As an added benefit, you will be trimming down another part of your body.

How is a Fat Transfer Performed?

The procedure for a fat transfer is basic. It begins with the removal of fat. Once the fat has been removed, we will make sure it goes through a purification process. The last step involves injection of the purified fat into your area of choice. In the end, you will have more fullness in your face.  

Find Out More About the Benefits of a Fat Transfer

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