You are proud of your Asian heritage. You are happy with your appearance for the most part, but there is one area you would like to improve. You want to target your eyelids. You don’t have that crease that is so obvious in the eyelids of others when their eyes are open. Your eyes don’t look like they open wide enough to you, making you look like you are sleepy all the time. You want to show off your beautiful eyes by making them more visible. Fortunately, eyelid surgery for the Asian eye exists. You can have results that look natural when you put yourself in the hands of our talented plastic surgeon.

It’s Time to Realize the Full Potential of Your Eyes

You have gorgeous eyes, but you feel like your lack of a double eyelid is holding you back. It is a simple procedure when you turn to a plastic surgeon who is experienced in correcting this problem. You already have beauty. Our plastic surgeon is just going to make it shine even brighter by adding that fold that can be so appealing on your eyelid.

One Size Does Not Fit All

You may think that there is one standard procedure to perform surgery in order to enhance your eyelids, but your procedure will be tailored in order to get optimal results for you. Our surgeon will look at your eyelid as it is before surgery and consider how much skin and fat there is to work with around your eyes. Our surgeon will discuss your goals before performing any type of eyelid surgery for the Asian eye.

Talk to Our Plastic Surgeon About Asian Eyelid Surgery

If you think that you are ready to change the appearance of your eyes, Dr. Lay at Chase Lay MD will be your guide. Come in for your consultation at our office in San Jose to be evaluated. Health considerations will be taken into account to make sure there are no conditions that could put you at risk. Once our surgeon clears you for the procedure, you may discuss the plan for what lies ahead. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to learn more about eyelid surgery for the Asian eye!