Very frequently patient asked me about what incisions from blepharoplasty’s will look like. Will they leave visible scars? How long will it take to heal? Is the incision short or long? The answer to these questions essentially is the length of the incision must be such that it takes care of the excess skin at the lateral aspect of the upper eyelid without leaving what is called a dog ear deformity.

Sutures from blepharoplasty incisions are removed typically within approximately seven days. Over a long period of time the incisions themselves become very difficult to see. Aftercare of incisions is pretty simple. Followed won’t care instructions after your eyelid surgery in the first week. After this do not use special ointment for scar treatments for the incision. I repeat do not use silicone gel for my derma or anything of that sort on the incisions. Some incisions heal quickly and sometimes heal slowly but eventually they become very difficult to see. While there is no such thing as an invisible car and results vary eyelid incisions after blepharoplasty heal very well.