In this case our patient show’s some very nice improvements in the following areas. For one she is a very petite woman with low body fat percentage so an important step in refreshing her appearance is fat transfer. She is slim so the amount of fat available for grafting was limited but we were able to graft micro fat deposits into the temples, forehead, mid face, upper eyelids, and very little in the tear trough. Now some of these areas could also be improved with Sculptra but not the tear trough, upper lids, or lateral orbital rim. However, if at some later date we wanted to add a bit more volume to the face Sculptra or Voluma would be a good way to achieve that.

After that an external approach ptosis repair via levator tendon advancement with some skin removal. During this trans-blepharoplasty approach approximately 6mm of skin was removed and the tendon advanced forward and anchoring to the tarsus of the upper eyelid. Both procedures were performed under local anesthesia and she’s seen here approximately 6 weeks post op.

Not all facial plastics procedures are designed to have very dramatic effects on aging. Often times a patient would love to appear more energetic, or look they way the feel. Many patients appreciate and even like their aging process but if you can age as gracefully as possible without undue risk, then that’s usually and option many patients would choose.

Chase Lay MD