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Are you concerned about the impact of the aging process on your skin? Have you considered pursuing a rejuvenation treatment to minimize the appearance of loose or sagging skin, but a surgical procedure does not feel right for you? A threadlift may be for you! Discover the contouring benefits of this diverse treatment during a consultation with us at the office of Chase Lay, MD, in San Jose, CA!

What Is a Threadlift?

A threadlift is a non-surgical approach to rejuvenation. The process utilizes PDO threads, or polydioxanone threads, to lift, contour, and tighten skin by stimulating collagen production. These sutures, which are similar to those used in cardiovascular procedures, are strategically placed into the skin, adhering to tissues and gradually being absorbed over time.

Threadlifts may be performed on many areas, including:

  • Body
  • Face
  • Nose

A consultation with our professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area can help you best understand if this non-surgical treatment is right for you and your goals. There is no downtime associated with these processes, and results gradually improve as your body produces new collagen to tighten and support skin.

What Are MINT PDO Threads?

MINT® PDO threads are FDA-cleared PDO threads. These threads effectively attach to soft tissues to promote rejuvenation. They feature bi-directional and helically positioned barbs, allowing them to be particularly strong for contouring tissues.

What Are NovaThreads?

NovaThreads are PDO threads that encourage rejuvenation at a subdermal level. As these threads are administered, they trigger the production of collagen. Collagen is an important tissue to support skin, but production naturally declines.

Dr Lay is the only doctor that I trust. I came to him years ago, had a super fast recovery, and still now continue to fly to San Jose every year just to see Dr Lay. In a world full of indifferent doctors, Dr Lay stands out from the rest and is both honest and genuinely cares about his patients. He never upsells and only does the most natural work. You can trust your face in his hands!

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Is This Treatment Right for Me?

Both MINT and NovaThreads treatments may be beneficial for most generally healthy adults seeking alternatives to traditional surgical procedures. They may be performed on most skin tones and types.

While this non-surgical process is capable of achieving stunning results, it is important to approach treatment with realistic goals and expectations. Results will vary for each person and type of PDO thread used, but they may last up to a year and may be more subtle than those achieved with surgery.

A consultation with our professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area can help you determine if a threadlift is right for you. They can help you best understand the benefits of both thread types as well as develop your personalized treatment plan.

Schedule Your Consultation!

Interested in learning more about your options for non-surgical facial rejuvenation? Contact us today at the office of Chase Lay, MD, and schedule your consultation to learn more about the threadlift process! Dr. Lay and his professional staff proudly serve the San Francisco Bay Area from San Jose, California, and they can help you determine if MINT threads or NovaThreads could be right for you. Take your first step toward rejuvenation today!