Tech Neck Giving You Lines? Consider Ultherapy

Tech Neck Giving You Lines? Consider Ultherapy

Whenever your eyes are focused down on the screen, your head and neck pay the price. Your posture slumps, and even wrinkles can form. They call it “tech neck,” and developing creases are never fun at any age. So how do you get rid of the dreaded, horizontal lines across the neck? The ultimate cosmetic […]

Dysport Special

Freeze Fat Away with CoolSculpting Treatments

When you hear the phrase “freeze fat away,” do you think of a science fiction movie? While this theory may seem a bit out there at first, it is not that far-fetched at all with the amazing CoolSculpting® applicator. This FDA-approved machine relies on specially shaped applicators along with plenty of research-driven science to produce […]

Is Asian Eye Surgery Right For You?

Asian eye surgery is referred to as Asian blepharoplasty. The purpose of this surgery is to create a defined crease in the upper eyelid skin. This surgery provides the eyes with a brighter appearance while making it much easier to use eyeliner. Asian eye surgery was developed to create a crease with a natural appearance […]

Try KYBELLA in San Jose for a Sharper Profile

When you look at yourself in the mirror, are there certain areas that you feel unsatisfied with? Many individuals who have a double chin wish they had a sharper profile. If this is a concern you have, KYBELLA® may be the right option for you. San Jose residents who are interested in improving their appearance […]

Get a Better Profile with a Chin Implant

Chin implant surgery can give you a chin that is more prominent and more projected. It is designed to help individuals who want to give more definition to their facial features, particularly their profile. Here are some of the benefits that come from this form of augmentation. An Improved Profile Do you feel uncomfortable with […]

Skin Cancer Treatment: What are My Options?

Skin cancer is a form of cancer that often appears in the most visible parts of your body, such as your face or your scalp. When you get that diagnosis about your health, you just want to get rid of that cancer as soon as possible. The main thing you need to remember is that […]

Who Is a Good Candidate for Facial Rejuvenation?

Patients have more treatment options than ever before when it comes to facial rejuvenation. Although traditional cosmetic surgery is still available and effective, many people are opting for less invasive treatments and procedures that allow them to return to their daily lives more quickly and with fewer complications. Here at Chase Lay MD, we are […]

What are My Non-Surgical Options for Hand Rejuvenation?

Believe it or not, the hands can sometimes tell more about a person’s age than their face. The hands can wrinkle and develop other signs of aging that reveal your true age to all who look at them. This doesn’t mean there aren’t any treatments for the hands, though. These treatments are typically referred to […]

Troubled by a Double Chin? Consider Kybella!

One of the most frustrating places to have extra fat is the chin. It is nearly impossible to target a double chin with diet or exercise. This is where the cutting-edge treatment known as Kybella® can save the day. Gone are the days where an invasive surgery was the only way to see improvement in […]