Facial Contouring Photos - Case #784

Patient Case #784

This is a 57-year-old Asian female who wanted to improve the quality of the skin of her neck and tighten the tissues under her chin and along her jaw line. In her case a facelift was not the appropriate choice for her goals. Under local anesthesia I used SlimLipo laser assisted liposuction technology to tone these tissues. She had approximately 1 week of downtime and looks great in these photographs. This laser assisted chin liposuction procedure is performed under local anesthesia through three small holes. One under the chin and one under each earlobe. If you have any questions please fill free to call us at the office.


Chase Lay, MD

Surgeon: Dr. Chase Lay
Patient Age: 57
Patient Gender: Female
Race: Asian or Pacific Islander

Facial Contouring
Facial Contouring