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Face & Hand Rejuvenation San Jose

Dr. Lay offers several non-surgical options for facial and hand rejuvenation in San Jose. Using dermal fillers or your own fat, he can restore youthful volume or improve the contours and features of your face.

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Constant exposure to sun and other harmful elements makes the hands particularly susceptible to aging. The skin on the hands can become thin, causing wrinkles and veins to become prominent. Dr. Lay can smooth and plump your hands using either fat transfer or dermal fillers. The choice depends on what will work best to meet your needs.


With age, fat breaks down and the cheeks lose volume, taking on a flattened, sagging appearance. Loss of volume in the cheeks can also cause the under-eye area to appear more sunken. Dr. Lay can use dermal fillers or fat transfer to carefully restore volume to the cheeks and re-create a more youthful face shape.


Anti-aging procedures are not the only reason to visit Dr. Lay for facial rejuvenation. Your lips are one of the primary focal points of your face and can provide an alluring and sexy look. Instead of focusing only on wrinkles, lip rejuvenation can change the shape of your lips in a way that resembles your younger self.


You don’t necessarily need rhinoplasty to alter the shape of your nose. Dermal fillers such as RADIESSE or Perlane® are extremely effective in improving the definition of your nasal bridge or filling a nasal depression. For people who don’t have the time to recover from nose surgery, non-surgical rhinoplasty in San Jose with Dr. Lay can be finished in minutes and requires little to no downtime.

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