Would you like to look younger? Many San Jose residents would answer yes to that question. If you are dealing with dynamic wrinkles, Dysport may be just what you need to smooth out those wrinkles and get a younger look.

Dysport is great for individuals who have dynamic wrinkles. You may be under the impression that all wrinkles are the same. However, this is not true. You can either have dynamic or static wrinkles as you start to get older. Each type of wrinkle will need its own treatment in order to help a person look their best.

So what are dynamic wrinkles? As the name implies, they are wrinkles that are the result of dynamic motions. Think about the way your face changes whenever you make an expression. Think about how your face looks when you look surprised. Or think about how your face looks when you are angry. When you make these expressions and you are younger, your face bounces back to normal very quickly after making a facial expression. However, because of changes that happen in the skin over the years, your skin does not bounce back as easily. You start to get wrinkles like crow’s feet and frown lines.

So you may be wondering how Dysport can help you to look younger in San Jose. This is a treatment that is injected under the skin. It is going to help the muscles that are causing your dynamic wrinkles to relax just a little bit. Just the right amount of Dysport is injected into specific muscles in order to help smooth away wrinkles that you have at the corners of your eyes and on your forehead. It is also great for getting rid of those deep wrinkles that you have between your eyebrows.

This is not a permanent treatment. For most people, this is a positive thing about Dysport. You are able to enjoy the benefits of it for about three or four months after the time the product is injected. This gives a lot of people confidence knowing that if they do not like the way they look without those dynamic wrinkles, the product will wear off, and their appearance will go back to what it was before. And the great news is that if you love the way you look with Dysport injections, you can have touch up treatments when you start to notice that your first treatment begins to work wear off.

How do you know if Dysport will work for you? The great thing is that many out there qualify for treatment. It is a safe treatment that can effectively smooth away your dynamic wrinkles. If you are over 18 years old and you do not have any serious illnesses that affect your muscular or nervous system, you likely qualify. Men and women are both great candidates for Dysport.

If you live in the San Jose area and you are interested in looking younger, please contact Chase Lay MD. We would love to show you how Dysport can smooth away your dynamic wrinkles. Contact us today!