If you are dealing with the problem of excessive sweating, you are not alone. It is estimated that over 35 million people in the United States suffer from hyperhidrosis. Thankfully, miraDry® offers a permanent sweat reduction solution for individuals who would like to say goodbye to the embarrassment and frustration that comes from excessive sweating.

Get the Long-Term Results You Are Looking For

Before turning to this permanent solution, most people try a variety of at-home treatments that produce minimal results. The problem is that hyperhidrosis sufferers deal with unwanted sweat in situations where no one else is sweating. It is normal to sweat when you go to the gym or on a hot day. It is not normal to sweat when you are sitting in an air-conditioned office.

It can be extremely embarrassing to be the only individual who is profusely sweating. Even if others are discrete and do not point out the fact that you are the only one sweating, it can definitely take a toll on your self-confidence. You may have limited the type of clothing that you wear in order to avoid embarrassment. Perhaps you stick to black blouses or dress shirts. While you would love to wear a tank top or a light-colored shirt, you know that it is just going to lead to sweaty armpit stains. Some people feel so self-conscious about their hyperhidrosis that it causes them to withdraw from others. Once a person starts to say no to invitations and stay at home alone, this can have an overall negative effect on their life, even leading to depression. Sweat reduction can solve this problem.

You have likely tried a variety of deodorants and antiperspirants for sweat reduction. You may have even used clinical strength products in order to help you. However, these usually do not work because of the amount of sweat that you produce. Additionally, you may be concerned about the problem of exposing yourself to so many chemicals.

miraDry® for sweat reduction has helped thousands of individuals to say goodbye to all of these problems. In addition to being able to wear any clothing that they want, they have the benefit of experiencing a renewed sense of self-confidence. They no longer feel like hiding away from people. When they are in their office, they know longer feel uncomfortable because of excessive sweating. They feel so much more confident that they are able to express their ideas, form new friendships and business partners, and finally reach their professional goals.

How miraDry® for Sweat Reduction Can Help You 

This unique system uses thermal energy to target and eliminate odor and sweat glands in your underarms. This is a simple solution that produces permanent results. Once the glands have been damaged during the treatment session, they are not able to grow back. This means that you can finally say goodbye to all of that unwanted sweat.

While you may above the idea of saying goodbye to hyperhidrosis, you may have questions about the safety of the treatment. The first thing that you should know is that this treatment has received approval by the FDA to treat excessive underarm sweating. In addition to being approved by this organization in 2011, it will likely make you happy to know that the treatment is now used in more than 50 countries around the world.

In the year 2015, the FDA also approved this treatment to be used to permanently eliminate hair in the armpits. This treatment can be effectively used to help individuals who have all skin and hair colors. Many have found that this is a great alternative to laser hair removal. With laser hair removal, only certain individuals make good candidates for the treatment. Additionally, eight to 10 treatment sessions are typically needed to get long-term results. With this treatment, everyone can benefit, and the results are produced much faster. 

Odor glands are also eliminated during the treatment. Odor glands are a different type of sweat gland. Imagine what your life would be like if you no longer had excessive armpit sweat, an unpleasant odor, or unwanted hair? Just think about how much time and money you would save when it comes to not needing to shave your armpits or purchase a bunch of deodorants that do not really produce good results anyway.

You may be wondering about the types of studies that have been done with regards to miraDry® for sweat reduction. One study that was published in a magazine in 2013 showed that this treatment was effective in treating excessive underarm sweat and foul-smelling underarm sweat. In this study, there were 11 patients who were involved. After seven months, all of them said that they noticed an improvement in their symptoms. A different study in 2012 showed that the treatment was successful in helping 90 percent of patients to reduce or eliminate underarm sweat. Most patients reported that their sweat reduction was about 82 percent. Their satisfaction rate was about 90 percent.

You may be wondering what a treatment session is like. When the actual treatment is performed, a non-invasive handheld device is passed over the skin in the armpit. It delivers controlled electromagnetic energy right beneath the skin in the armpit. This is where the offending sweat glands are located. The goal of the treatment is to decompose the sweat glands under the skin by means of heat. But you do not need to worry about your skin or other tissues being damaged though. The top layers of the skin are cooled and protected throughout the treatment.

Since the sweat glands are permanently damaged during the treatment session, the results are immediate. 

It is possible for you to get the results that you are looking for with just one treatment session. However, we have seen many times that individuals typically need two treatment sessions in order to get the best results. These treatments are usually spaced about three months apart. About a month or two after your initial treatment, you will have a good idea of if you would like to return in order to have a follow-up session. You will notice an improvement in your hyperhidrosis. However, you still may be dealing with the problem because of sweat glands that were not damaged during the first treatment. So you will be able to return and have remaining sweat glands treated.

You may be curious to know if this type of technology is used in other areas of medicine. The answer is yes. It has been used for many years in cosmetics, general surgery, cardiology, oncology, and urology. Miramar Labs, which is the company behind miraDry® for sweat reduction, was the first company to receive approval by the FDA in order to use this technology to treat excessive sweating. We encourage our clients to learn more about this company and how this form of technology is used in other fields.

The treatment is usually performed in a doctor’s office. You do not need to worry about taking a lot of time for the actual treatment session or for recovery afterward. Most treatment sessions take about one hour. A local anesthesia is typically administered right before the treatment begins. This is normally a lidocaine injection. You do not need to worry about feeling uncomfortable during the treatment. It is usually well tolerated by our clients after a few injections are given. You may want to use some over-the-counter medication or ice packs to keep you comfortable in the days that follow the treatment.

You can get back to all normal activities after your treatment session. Most people can go right back to work immediately following the treatment. It usually takes a couple of days before a person can resume strenuous activity, like running or heavy workouts at the gym. Of course, these are things that we will discuss with you when you visit our office for your initial consultation. We will ask about your lifestyle in order to give you proper advice on when you can resume activities that are normal for you. Most people love having this treatment done because they do not need to interrupt their normal activities, take time off from work, or have someone watch their children.

One of the main concerns of our clients have is if their body will be able to regulate its temperature normally after the sweat glands have been damaged. Something that is surprising to learn for many is that only two percent of the sweat glands in the body are located under the arms. So after you have the treatment performed and the sweat glands under the arms are eliminated, your body will still be able to sweat in other places normally. Your body will still be able to regulate its temperature in a normal way. However, it will be great for you because you will not have to worry about the problem of sweat marks under your arms and profuse sweating under your arms in normal situations.

Some individuals experience profuse sweating in other parts of their body. miraDry® has only received FDA approval to be used under the arms. However, we would be happy to meet with you and discuss other options are that are available to treat profuse sweating in other parts of the body. For example, some individuals have seen improvements in unwanted sweating using Botox injections. Laser treatments and oral medications are also available.

Are You a Good Candidate for miraDry® for Sweat Reduction?

You may absolutely love the idea of being able to say goodbye to hyperhidrosis. However, you may wonder if you actually qualify for the treatment. As we mentioned above, this is a permanent solution to the problem of excessive sweating. So you need to think the decision through. You need to be at a point in your life where you are ready to take steps that will permanently solve the problem. Make sure that you take the time to learn as much as you can about the treatment and fully understand the type of results that you should expect to see if you go through one or two treatment sessions.

In order to qualify for this treatment, you need to enjoy overall good health. When you visit us for your initial consultation, be prepared to discuss your health in detail. While we want you to enjoy a life that is free from unwanted sweat, your health is our top priority, and we want to be sure that this is the best option for your body.

We have seen that many who have used this treatment experience a new sense of freedom after they go through the recommended amount of treatment sessions. If you have to change your clothes several times a day because of unwanted sweat, you are likely a good candidate for the treatment. If you wear dark clothing or only certain types of clothing to hide sweat stains, you likely are a good candidate. If you avoid certain social situations because of potential embarrassment because of excessive sweat, this treatment is likely for you.

We want to help you take control of your life, and we have seen that miraDry® for sweat reduction has been able to help many people do just that. At Chase Lay, MD in San Jose, CA, we are proud to offer this treatment to our patients. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and learn more!