Living with hyperhidrosis, otherwise referred to as excessive sweating, can be a challenge. When other people think of sweating, the first thought that comes to mind is sweat stains in the armpits. They don’t think it’s a big deal. They don’t know what it is like to live with sweating that is over the top. You are dealing with hyperhidrosis. That means you sweat excessively from your armpits, your feet, and your hands. You may even experience sweating on your scalp.

You don’t know why you sweat. It doesn’t follow usual patterns. You could be sitting quietly in your living room with no stress only to find yourself covered in sweat. Excessive sweating could be something you inherited. It could be linked to another health condition. Most people who suffer from hyperhidrosis have no other health problems except overactive sweat glands that are out of control. Hyperhidrosis treatment options can help you to handle this problem.

When you are dealing with hyperhidrosis, regular antiperspirants are unlikely to be the answer. You’ve probably found yourself taking trip after trip to the bathroom to put on another layer of antiperspirant without any relief. You may even change your clothes often because the sweat is seeping through and embarrassing you. Fortunately, treatments like BOTOX┬« and miraDry┬« are effective options that can be administered in the comfort of our office by trained professionals.

If underarm sweating is the main problem, we can use specialized technology to target your sweat glands and destroy or deactivate them so that you can stop worrying about sweat stains. Treatments are non-surgical, short, and effective.

Start by scheduling an appointment at Chase Lay MD to sit down and discuss your options for hyperhidrosis treatment. With persistence and professional care, you can stay on top of your excessive sweating. Contact us today to book an appointment at our office in San Jose!