There are multiple tactics people use to combat excessive sweating. They may try to hide the sweat with dark-colored clothing, they may use an abundance of antiperspirant, or they may avoid situations that cause them to sweat a lot. But these tactics usually fail. Dealing with excessive sweating is embarrassing and inconvenient. We invite you to learn about a solution that really works. We’re talking about miraDry®.

The purpose of sweating is to cool down the body when it is overheated. For most people out there, sweating is a good thing. However, others have overactive sweat glands. When a person has overactive sweat glands, they are producing sweat even when the body is at rest. They produce more sweat than is needed to keep the body cool. In fact, when a person has overactive sweat glands, their sweat glands can produce up to five times more sweat than the glands of a normal individual.

miraDry® is not a lotion, deodorant, or antiperspirant. It is a treatment that is performed here in our office in order to target certain sweat glands and stop them from producing sweat. It is a treatment that has been cleared by the FDA. It is non-invasive, so you do not have to worry about any incisions being made in your body or any injections being given. It can be performed right here in our office in a relatively quick amount of time.

Electromagnetic energy is used in order to disarm the sweat glands in a controlled and precise way. The heat that comes from this energy eliminates them for good. While this may sound great to you, you may still feel a little bit concerned. You may wonder if it is really good for your body if your sweat glands are eliminated. What people often do not realize is that there are sweat glands almost everywhere under the skin. So this means that your body will still be able to regulate its temperature in a healthy way. Only about two percent of the sweat glands on your entire body are going to receive treatment.

miraDry® is only used to treat sweat glands in the underarms. It cannot be used if you have overactive sweat glands in other places on your body.

How do you know if miraDry® is right for you? Get in touch with us at Chase Lay MD in San Jose to learn more. Contact us today to book a consultation for miraDry®!