MiraDry is a FDA approved treatment for underarm sweating otherwise known as hyperhidrosis and odor. This treatment is fast becoming one of the most popular elective therapies in the country. Most patients require 2-3 treatments but get permanent reduction in swelling. You do not want complete elimination of sweating because this is an important bodily function for regulating your core temperature. Many patients also now use MiraDry to treat underarm odor alone and typically are able to achieve very nice results with only 1-2 treatments. There are new techniques now for treating hyperhidrosis with MiraDry. There is now an infusion technique whereby the local anesthesia used for the procedure is mixed with sterile saline and infused underneath the skin. This new technique added to the treatment protocol is allowing for usage of higher energy settings per treatment and better long-term effects. There are also early signs that it reduces some of the postoperative swelling, tenderness, and overall risks of the procedure that are very few. Call Chase Lay, MD at [primary_phone] for your consultation to see if you are a good candidate.