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Non-surgical Rhinoplasty San Jose

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a procedure that is performed in the office to make contour changes to the nose. With precise placement of subdermal fillers you can augment and better define the nasal bridge. Patients often referred to this as making their nasal bridge “higher”. Dr. Lay has performed this minimally invasive procedure hundreds of times over 5 years with great results and an excellent safety record. The most common areas of the nose to be treated with nonsurgical rhinoplasty techniques are the nasal bridge and the base of the columella. It is Dr. Lay’s philosophy that even this minimally invasive nonsurgical rhinoplasty technique using fillers be performed carefully and conservatively. He feels that augmentation should be carried out to a point that the new contours and definition of the nasal bridge complements the face creating a balance and beautiful harmony between the nose and the rest of the facial features. Injections into the tip are sometimes performed but it should be carefully noted and understood by patient’s injection into this particular area carries with it some risk of permanent damage to the overlying skin or more minor issues such as subcutaneous granulomas that are tender to the touch but usually resolve.


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