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Reconstruction & Skin Cancer San Jose

Reconstructive plastic surgery requires training and experience in head and neck surgery that Dr. Chase Lay offers to the patients at his facial plastic surgery practice in San Jose. Board-certified in both Facial Plastic Surgery and as an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) specialist, Dr. Lay understands the complex issues involved in delivering results that are both cosmetically appealing and functionally and anatomically sound.

If you or someone you know needs a trusted facial plastic surgeon in the San Francisco Bay Area for reconstructive facial plastic surgery after skin cancer or other trauma, please request a consultation to meet personally with Dr. Lay. You may also call his office at (408) 358-3888 to schedule an appointment.

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The Benefits of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Reconstructive facial plastic surgery after trauma, illness, or a congenital defect is often one of the most satisfying surgical procedures for patients and Dr. Lay. Whether he’s restoring function and form to an eyelid affected by age or disease, or using a microvascular technique to improve your appearance following surgery to excise a cancerous lesion, Dr. Lay uses both his surgical and interpersonal skills to make the experience positive.

Real Answers From Dr. Lay

“Reconstructive surgery after skin cancer resection requires a surgeon to have a good working knowledge of skeletal and muscular anatomy, in addition to advanced understanding of the nervous system within the deep facial tissues.”

What Should I Expect?

The surgical procedures and recovery period vary depending on the reason for, and the extent of, the reconstructive surgery. Some of the most common reasons for facial reconstructive plastic surgery include:

Ear reconstruction

Otoplasty (reshaping prominent ears) is the most common. Congenitally malformed ears and trauma can also be helped by reconstructive surgery.

Skin cancer

Microsurgical reconstruction after resection of skin cancer has 2 goals: Maximizing the chances of cure and minimizing the treatment’s effects on your appearance.

Facial trauma

Advanced technology can help make an accurate and prompt diagnosis following facial trauma.

Scar treatment

Your age, skin type and color, and ethnic background all have an impact on the treatment of scars. Different types of scars respond to different plastic surgery techniques.

Nose reconstruction

Surgical reconstruction of the nose is a challenging procedure requiring a thorough understanding of ear, nose, and throat anatomy.

Your Consultation With Dr. Lay

Dr. Lay believes consultations are where successful plastic surgery begins, whether it’s for reconstructive or cosmetic reasons. Patients feel comfortable speaking with Dr. Lay because the consultation is really a conversation. Together, you and Dr. Lay will outline your treatment and discuss the realistic possibilities of what surgery can accomplish.

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Get to Know Dr. Chase Lay

Dr. Chase Lay values the doctor-patient relationship and will collaborate with you to help attain your cosmetic goals. His extensive background in facial plastic surgery has made him one of the top plastic surgeons in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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