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Rhinoplasty for the Asian Nose San Jose

Understanding the unique anatomy of Asian noses is crucial for a facial plastic surgeon to deliver satisfying results for Asian patients who choose to have rhinoplasty. In the San Francisco Bay Area, few surgeons can match the experience and training of Dr. Chase Lay in performing Asian rhinoplasty. At his San Jose practice, Dr. Lay takes the time to understand your individual needs, earning your trust in a relaxed environment.

If you live in San Francisco or the Bay Area and are researching rhinoplasty surgeons, please request a consultation with Dr. Lay. Or, you can call his office at (408) 358-3888 to schedule an appointment.

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Who Is a Good Candidate for Asian Rhinoplasty?

Asian patients who undergo rhinoplasty typically are seeking to augment their noses, unlike non-Asian patients who generally want smaller, shorter noses. In any rhinoplasty, the ultimate goal is balanced facial features, so it’s important to select a specialist such as Dr. Lay, whose pioneering work in Asian facial plastic surgery places him in an exclusive group of North American surgeons performing this procedure. Certain traits are common for anyone seeking cosmetic surgery. You should:

  • Be in good overall health
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Not be a smoker

Additionally, people who want Asian rhinoplasty usually want to correct one or more of the following issues:

  • A flat bridge with little definition
  • Nostrils that appears too wide for their face
  • A nasal tip that’s too big or too round

You may also be a good candidate for non-surgical rhinoplasty, a treatment accomplished with dermal fillers that can be an excellent way to improve the definition of your nasal bridge, or fill a depressed area.

Real Answers From Dr. Lay

“Something else unique about Asian rhinoplasty is the fact you can usually undergo the procedure using local anesthesia. That’s because in many cases the bone doesn’t need to be altered.”

What Should I Expect?

Your consultation is as important as the actual surgery. Not only does Dr. Lay assess your nose and skin, he listens to your motivation for undergoing the surgery and your cosmetic goals. Dr. Lay enjoys getting to know his patients and often treats multiple members of the same family.

Depending on your specific physical characteristics and goals, rhinoplasty for the Asian nose may not involve any re-shaping of existing bone. In some cases, augmenting the bridge of the nose is accomplished with a synthetic implant. Dr. Lay is also very successful improving the nasal tip by grafting cartilage from your ear or nasal septum to your nasal bridge or tip.

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