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Keloid and Scar Revision San Jose

Dr. Lay is not only a double board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon who largely performs cosmetic procedures, but he is also a very experienced trauma and reconstructive surgeon. His treatment of keloids and scars for patient’s is one of his most of filling procedures. Sometimes scars are simply treated with steroid and 5-fluorouracil injections, but most times significant scarring is treated with either surgical correction or using the stem cell content of fat grafting from the abdomen. Sometimes fat grafting for the treatment of scars is performed prior to any surgical intervention to improve the quality of the collagen and scar tissue beneath. In many cases significant hypertrophic scarring and keloids causes symptoms for patient’s including itching and pain. With larger cases of hypertrophic scarring or keloids on the extremities or chest sometimes staged, or multiple, procedures are required. Every patient has a different problem and different tissue quality requiring a customized approach to their particular issues with scar tissue. Some cases are simple single-stage treatments which is particularly true for scar tissue of the pinna of the ear. However, many other cases require more than one treatment whether it be surgical or nonsurgical, so the patient and Dr. Lay work together as a team to help the patient reached their goal and get the best results possible. Very few scars are 100% removed particularly on the extremities or chest. However scar tissue around the ear or in the cartilage of the ear can be very treatable with excellent results given the surgery is performed properly and thoroughly. Keloids of the ear appears simple but the scar tissue is often and multiple tissue planes including cartilage, subcutaneous tissue, and skin. This requires a facial plastic surgeon with significant experience operating on the face in both cosmetic and reconstructive capacities.

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