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Facial Contouring San Jose

For many of us, the first signs of aging appear when we begin to lose the sculpted look of the jawline and chin. Even people who exercise regularly and have healthy diets can’t prevent their skin from loosening as they get older, leading to jowls and a less-defined chin.

Dr. Chase Lay created the Dr. Lay Laser Lift℠ specifically for men and women considering chin augmentation or a neck lift in the San Francisco Bay Area, who want to enhance their youthful appearance without a more invasive surgical procedure. Find out if a laser lift is appropriate for you by requesting a consultation with Dr. Lay, or contact his office by calling (408) 358-3888 to schedule an appointment.

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Facial Contouring With the Dr. Lay Laser Lift

Patients who come to see Dr. Lay for a mini-facelift at his San Jose practice can often achieve the results they desire – with less downtime and lower risk – through the Dr. Lay Laser Lift. Laser-assisted liposuction technology, such as SlimLipo™, is ideal when you want a procedure that can both tighten skin and melt and remove pockets of fat from your neck. The specific laser wavelengths used distinguish this procedure from other laser-assisted technologies because they target both collagen and fat. Spurring collagen growth leads to skin that’s tighter.

Who Is a Good Candidate for the Dr. Lay Laser Lift?

The Dr. Lay Laser Lift is an excellent choice if you’re younger than 55 with decent skin tone and you want to redefine your jawline, tighten loose skin, and lose fat in your neck and beneath your chin. It’s an ideal alternative if you’ve been considering:

  • Face slimming
  • Chin liposuction
  • Mini-facelift
  • Short-incision facelift

Real Answers From Dr. Lay

“It’s totally normal to take some time adjusting to your new look. Even while your friends and family see your change as pleasing and natural, there is often a brief period during which you’ll look in the mirror and see someone different. That can cause some anxiety. This is normal and passes, and I’m always available if you have questions during your healing process.”

What Should I Expect?

Although the Dr. Lay Laser Lift and related facial slimming procedures are less invasive than techniques that require open incisions, it is still a surgical procedure and you should plan on a minimum of 5 days of downtime. Dr. Lay has vast experience with SlimLipo technology, and is currently involved in studies using the system so that it may be shared with other plastic surgeons in the U.S.

The Laser Lift is usually performed with local anesthesia and, in most cases, is completed in less than 45 minutes. Tiny holes made by Dr. Lay under the ear lobes and the chin provide entry points for the laser. You will return home wearing a strap under your chin and be back to regular activities in about 5 days. You will be wearing the strap as much as possible in the first week after surgery.

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