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Special Discounts for Military, Police, Fire Fighters, Teachers & Nurses

Dr. Lay is a proud supporter of those who serve our community. We all thank you for your service. Any and all surgeries that Dr. Lay offers are automatically discounted 10% at the time of consultation. This same discount is also extended to the immediate family members of any public service man or woman or educator. You must show current proof of employment, enlistment, current service, honorable discharge, or retirement from service before your surgery date. Identification must be presented. No exceptions.

In the News

5 Secrets to Aging in Reverse

It’s inevitable that your face will age and change as you get older. But, how much of it is necessary to fix?
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Why Everyone Needs To Calm Down About “Korean Perma-Smile” Surgery

Dr. Chase Lay, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon who specializes in Asian facial contouring, comments on the ‘Smile Lipt’ procedure.
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Julie Chen’s Plastic Surgery Reveals The Ugly Face of Journalism

Dr. Chase Lay, a San Francisco Bay Area plastic surgeon specializing in Asian patients, said in a statement on PR Newswire that this procedure was more about helping women feel more attractive.
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Julie Chen’s Asian Eyelid Surgery: San Francisco Surgeon Weighs In

Dr. Chase Lay, a facial plastic surgeon specializing in Asian eyelid surgery near San Francisco, comments on Julie Chen’s confession this week on “The Talk” that she underwent plastic surgery to look less Asian.
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